The Cathedral of St John Parish Council

The parish council members serve as ambassadors of our faith who have pledged to faithfully and sincerely serve the Church, which is the Body of Christ on earth. The parish council members serve as His hands, feet, and eyes. To serve on the parish council is a ministry and a mission. We are called to use the gifts with which we have been blessed to carry out the work of the Church.

The 2018 parish council members are:

Executive Committee

President: Stavros Soussou
First Vice President: Aris Chicles
Second Vice President: Steven Ferrante
Treasurer: Dr. Marinos Lilikas
Assistant Treasurer: George Staphos
Recording Secretary: Charles Pialtos
Assistant Recording Secretary: Arthur Chagaris
Former President:  Phil Philiou


Parish Council Members

Dr. Demetrios Bayiokos
Sean Callahan
Dr. Peter Hilaris
Stavros Kamilaris
Tom Kolefas
Christopher Koliopoulos
Jerry Makris
Dr. Dimitrios Papanicolau
George Papas
George Petikas
Andreas Zigouras