Greek School Reopening Plan



Greek School of The Metropolitan Cathedral

of Saint John the Theologian

Tenafly, NJ


Greek School Reopening Plan



This plan is a result of parent survey as well as State Regulations. While we know the importance of your child(ren)'s education, everyone's safety is a top priority. Although there's no such thing as zero risk, there are certain practices that can lower the risk of an outbreak at school and keep kids, teachers and families safe. This plan may be adjusted as we monitor the situation monthly. At the beginning of the month we will advise you if there are any changes to protocols or if they remain the same for that month.

Keeping everyone safe will take your cooperation and understanding. The changes that have been made are in the best interest of our students and staff. We feel confident that we will be able to get through this challenge together.



Start Date of Greek School Lessons will be delayed to October:

To help the school prepare appropriately, as well as, make families feel more comfortable there will be a delayed start date for the Greek School, as well as modestly reduced hours.

Tues/ Thurs: Starting: October 1st 4:30-6:00pm Ending: June 10th

** At this point we will not be offering Saturday Classes, but will revisit this decision **


Learning options are In-Person (with safety protocols) or Remote.

IN PERSON LEARNING: In-Person Learning will take into account distancing students and teachers, keeping students from physically interacting with other students, hand washing, mandatory mask and face shield wearing, and school cleaning according to CDC guidelines. More detailed information is listed below.

Additionally, In-Person learning will have an aspect of on-line lessons. Each grade will have a Google Classroom (also shared with the Remote students). Weekly assignments will be posted on Saturday. In case that schools are mandated by the State to change to Remote Learning only, the transition would be more seamless for the students.

REMOTE LEARNING: Grades Pre K 5 and older will be eligible for Remote Learning. Students will follow weekly lessons and assignments via virtual platforms, as well as, weekly zoom meetings. To accommodate students of both Tues/ Thurs and Saturday classes, as well as the teachers, the live portion of the lessons will be on Weds.

On Saturdays, weekly assignments (and due-dates) will be posted on each grade's Google Classroom (also shared with the In-Person student).  On Wed, each grade will have a scheduled zoom meeting with their teacher. Grades may have different meeting times that will be arranged by their teachers, however they would fall between 4pm-6pm. Students can post questions to teachers on Google Classroom throughout the week or meet teachers during "office hours" (times/ dates established by teacher) for live help.

The teachers of the Remote Learning lessons may not be the teacher they would normally have had in the In-Person learning option. They are, however, teachers from our school.  For additional continuity, the teachers for Remote and In-Person learning will be collaborating to make sure lessons are consistent.


CHANGING LEARNING OPTION: Parents will have the opportunity to change learning option on predetermined days only. This will allow for appropriate arrangements to be made, such as rearranging classroom configuration or setting up the student in the virtual environment.


To keep the school environment safe, the lower capacity includes only the students, teachers and maintenance/ cleaning staff. Parents will not be able to enter the building routinely.

In the case that a parent needs to enter the building, a call from the entry door will be made to allow that parent to be escorted in.


For everyone's safety, the following process will be followed. Everyone's timely cooperation and patience will be needed.

Doors: To control crowding, a one way direction will be implemented and grades will have assigned entry and exit doors.

North Door (Closest to Pre K 2/3 classroom): 1st Grade and below.

South Door (Main door used by Greek School): 2nd Grade students and above.



To allow for sufficient time for screening the students, the Weekday School will be starting at 4:30 pm instead of 4:15 pm, and the Saturday school at 9:15 pm. The students, however, are required to arrive by 4:15 pm on Weekdays and 9:00 am on Saturday to allow enough time for screening.

Upon arrival, students will line up outside, by class on distance markings. Even though this will take place outside, everyone must wear masks on the church property. Parents are asked to stay until their child is screened and allowed to enter the building.

Health check: Teachers and students will have their temperature scanned, as well as, be asked standardized questions of the COVID-19 Check list. Anyone exhibiting visual COVID-19 symptoms, has failed the checklist, or has a scanned temperature100.4°For higher will not be allowed in the building.

For the safety of everyone, we are insisting parents not send their child(ren) to school if they have been showing symptoms the previous 24hours.

Please do not send child(ren) to Greek School if they are sick and have taken medication that might mask their symptoms.

Please do not send your child(ren) to Greek School if they, or someone from the household, is under quarantine.


At the time of departure, teachers will escort their class back to the markings outside in a staggered order to reduce congestion in the hallways.

If parents need to speak to the principal, they need to make appointments ahead of time.



Students will not be allowed to leave classroom unsupervised. A call will be made to a hall monitor to escort the child where he/she needs to go.

A Bathroom Schedule will be set up so classes have the opportunity to use the bathroom and/or wash their hands. Students will line up on distance-markings outside the bathroom and will be allowed to enter one at a time.

If a child needs to use the bathroom at another time other than the class schedule, a call will be made to the hall monitor to escort them to the bathroom.

Upon re-entry to the classroom the child should apply hand sanitizer to their hands.



At the start of this school year, we will not be allowing snacking in school. We are asking parents to give their child snacks before they come to the school.

This protocol will be amongst those that will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis.



At this time, Music and Library Specials, as well as, Holiday Celebrations are postponed.

This decision will be revisited monthly.

Music and Library: Students may still practice songs in their classroom by their teacher (while still wearing masks). Library books may be read to students but handled only by teachers.

Celebrations: Students will still be learning poems and songs for Holidays. Teachers can post video of students to our shared Cluster sight.



Based on registration for each grade, appropriate classrooms will be used. Classrooms that have been previously used for a grade may change to best accommodate class sizes and that desks can be distanced appropriately.

Desks will be arranged to maximize distance between students using Physical Distancing in lieu of Social Distancing (typically, the difference between 3 ft and 6ft between students).

Masks and face shields will be required to be worn by all students and staff. Face shields will be provided by the school.

Students are to sit at their assigned seat with limited movement in classroom.

Students must bring their own supplies that will not be shared with others.

If students are missing books they will not be able to share with another student.



Due to the age of these students some leniency will be allowed for these age grades.

They will be allowed to be a closer distance to each other.

Table top surfaces will be wiped down throughout the day.

Masks are still required that cover nose and mouth, but not face shields.

Toys will be reduced to those that can be cleaning daily. Soft toys and playdough will be removed. Children may not bring their own toys.

All students must be potty trained.




The classrooms will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines after each & every classroom use.



If, while at Greek School, someone starts displaying a cough, difficulty breathing or other symptoms, they will need to be isolated and arrangements will be made for them to go home.

If a student displays COVID-19 symptoms after entering the building, the following will occur:

- Student will be moved to a designated isolation area.

- Parents will be contacted to immediately pick up their child.



If a student/teacher tests positive for COVID-19 infection, all classmates who have been in contact with that student/teacher will have to self-quarantine and monitor for symptoms for 14 days from the last date of exposure with the confirmed person, even if they themselves tested negative.

In a case that a class closes for a 14-day stay-at-home quarantine, the lessons will revert to online lessons for that period only.