The Greek School at The Cathedral of St John the Theologian

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Both Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday classes are available for Pre-K thru 6th Grade!

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 For further information please contact our school principal
Anna Megaris
 [email protected]
(201) 567-5072


At our Greek School, we have built a strong academic environment by teaching the Greek language, which facilitates a command of many other languages that are based on Greek, along with lessons regarding the history and culture of Greece. Studies have shown learning foreign languages boosts brain development and bridges cultural connections.

Our Greek school begins with a nursery program and continues through 8th grade. Our goal is for each student to receive individual attention so they will thrive, learn, appreciate and develop a love of the Greek language, culture and history.

The Greek school employs a faith-based educational curriculum encompassing music and tradition.  We are proud of excellent success rates on both state standardized and Greek proficiency exams. Supportive parents are essential to a child’s development and we value a team effort of both our teachers and parents.  The Greek school prides itself having accredited teachers.

Adult classes are available

For further information please contact our Principal
Anna Megaris 201-567-5072